Burgers with a Side of Beer
Burgers with a side of Beer

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Domestic or Mexican Lager

A classic burger calls for a crisp lager with a classic flavor. These two go together like, well, burgers and beer.

HOB Burger

Juicy Lucy +

Wheat Beer or IPA

This flavorful burger needs a beer that can keep up. Wheat beers pair well with the provolone, while the hoppiness of an IPA balances out the bacon.

Juicy Lucy

Impossible Burger +

Hard Cider or IPA

For a new adventure, pair you Impossible Burger with a gluten-free cider or adventurous IPA.

Impossible Burger


Stout or Amber

Jazz up this soulful burger with the sweet notes of a stout or amber, which play nicely against the BBQ sauce.

BBQ Burger

Pair your burger with the perfect pint

House of Blues
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